Program for PhD Students



The past has seen tremendous progress in the individual disciplines and – to a much less extent – in their interrelations, with a non-negligible contribution by the principal investigators. The goal of the RTG is to improve the dissemination of cross-disciplinary optimization approaches. This is a unique extension of a typical mathematics curriculum, while disciplines like discrete, continuous and applied optimization are usually taught independently. Here, the RTG students due to their regular interaction in seminars continuously are confronted with the full pictures of algorithmic opimization. Supervision and Career Advancement.


The RTG’s supervision strategy pursues the following goals:

  • It provides doctoral students with the best support needed in order to
    finish the dissertation with excellent results within three years;
    this will be accomplished by the assurance of both close individual
    supervision and a mentoring program based on a transparent and coordinated doctoral study program;
  • it guarantees the integration of the discipline-based dissertation projects into the RTG research program;
  • it introduces doctoral students to the scientific community and thus opens up international
    networks enhancing the doctoral students’ career opportunities.

Job Openings