The RTG creates a unique approach towards algorithmic optimization.
Students will have in hand the whole picture of various aspects of optimization
methods and algorithms and thus become international experts in this technologically
and economically highly relevant field of research. Important synergies both on the
practical and the theoretical side are to be expected. The individual backgrounds
of the PIs on various aspects of optimization reflect the breadth and, in turn,
the feasibility of both research and study program. We focus on the integration
of the following methodological optimization areas, where the participating groups
have pioneered or are at the forefront of international research.


Algorithmic Optimization for System Models

  • From Ramsey to PDE
  • From Model Description to Model Predictive Control
  • From PDE to Reduced Order Models
  • From Optimization to High Performance Computing


Algorithmic Optimization for Large and Big Data

  • Algorithmic Optimization for Survey Statistics
  • Shape Optimization for Data Analysis
  • Discrete Optimization for Multidimensional Allocation
  • Copositive Programming for Data Analysis


Foundations of Algorithmic Optimization

  • Auctions
  • Shape Optimization
  • Analysis and Computation of Sets of Equilibria in Economies
  • Preconditioning
  • Copositive Optimization
  • Infinite Graphs
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